All students taking FIN 3023, Intermediate Corporate Finance, must take and pass the FACT (Finance Assessment of Competency Test) to remain registered in the class.

  • Testing Services posts FACT registration dates on ASAP.
  • You may take the exam up to three times per semester.
  • You will be charged $15 fee each time you take the exam.
    • The $15 fee is charged automatically to your UTSA account, which you may pay online through your ASAP student account or in person at Fiscal Services.
  • Study materials are available through the Finance Department: (210) 458-6315.

On your scheduled test day:

  1. You must arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled test time.
  2. Bring a valid, non-expired, photo ID in order to test.
  3. Bring a financial calculator to use during the exam. Permitted models include:
    • HP 10B, HP 10bii, HP 10BII+
    • TI BAII, TI BAII Plus, TI BAII Plus Professional
    • Any four-function calculator