UTSA students wanting to skip College Algebra and register for Pre-calculus or Calculus their first semester must take the Pre-calculus/Calculus Math Placement exam. This applies to certain majors (Science and Engineering majors, in particular) that require higher-level math courses in order to fulfill their degree requirements.

You must be TSI Exempt or TSI Complete in Math in order to take the Math Placement exam. If you pass the Math Placement exam, you will be able to enroll in MAT 1093 or MAT 1214.

Who Is Eligible to take the Math Placement Exam?

UTSA students wishing to enroll in MAT 1093 (Pre-Calculus) or MAT 1214 (Calculus) and who have met at least one of the score criteria on the following national tests (see list below) must take and pass the Math Placement exam prior to registering for Pre-Calculus or Calculus during Orientation.

  1. Students who receive a score of 350 or higher on the math section of the TSI Assessment exam.
  2. Students with an exit-level TAKS mathematics score of 2200 or higher.
  3. Students with a combined SAT score of at least 1070 (Critical Reading and Mathematics Only) and at least 500 on the mathematics.
  4. Students with a composite ACT score of 23 and a minimum of 19 on the mathematics section.

What do I need to know about the Math Placement Exam?

  • Students should take the exam prior to attending Orientation if Pre-calculus or Calculus course placement is needed and cannot be obtained by dual credit or AP credit.
  • The fee for the exam is $20, which is charged to the student’s UTSA account.
  • No outside calculators are allowed. The Testing Services office will provide the four-function calculator allowed during the exam.
  • Please log into ASAP to sign up for a Math Placement exam.
  • Bring a valid (non-expired), physical, photo ID such as a driver’s license, student ID, or passport.
  • The test may be taken twice. However, it is a different version each time.  Do not take the exam a second time prior to considering participating in Jump Start to raise your skill set and opportunity of placing higher on your second attempt.
We strongly recommend that all examinees take the sample Math Placement exam below prior to registering for the actual exam.

Remote Math Placement

Do you need to take the Pre-calculus/Calculus Math Placement test?
Are you TSI met in Math?
Do you live at least 100 miles from the city limits of San Antonio?
If you answered “yes” to the three questions above, then you may qualify to take the Remote Math Placement exam. Please follow the steps below to register for this test.

Step 1
–Log into your UTSA ASAP account (asap.utsa.edu).
–Click the “Student Services” tab at the top of the screen.
–Select “Testing Services Office (Test Registration).”
–Click the “continue” icon until you arrive at a screen labeled “Testing Services.”
–Select “Register for TEST Session.”
–Choose “Remote Math Placement” from the list of options.
NOTE: Do not complete your registration just yet. Please read on.

Step 2
–Review the time and date options available (all times are CST).
–Locate a proctor that is willing to administer the test at the date and time you prefer.
NOTE: A proctor cannot be a relative or your math teacher. The proctor must be a neutral party with only a professional educational relationship with you or your family. Common proctors are guidance counselors and teachers in a subject area other than math (e.g. science, physical education).
–Complete your registration information on ASAP.

Step 3
–Send the following information via email to testinfo@utsa.edu. You must title the email “Remote Math Request.” Failure to do so may result in a delayed response.
i) The Proctor Security Agreement and Acknowledgement form to be completed in full by your proctor  and the Remote Math Placement disclaimer to be completed by you. You must attach these documents to your email request. We cannot process your request without them.
The body of the email must include the following:

ii) Your full name, UTSA ID number, and phone number with area code.
iii) Your proctor’s full name, professional email address, and professional phone number with area code. For security reasons, we cannot correspond with proctors via non-professional email domains such as Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail.
iv) Your proctor’s title and responsibility (e.g. counselor, biology teacher)
v) The date and time you selected on ASAP.

A UTSA Testing Services staff member will then determine your eligibility to take the Remote Math Placement. If you qualify, then the staff member will contact your proctor one business day before the scheduled exam with instructions on how to administer the test.

Your scores will be available on ASAP no later than two business days after taking the exam. Please refer to this flier for information regarding score cutoffs and placements.

Important: The Remote Math Placement is available only for first-attempt Math Placement examinees. If you need to take the Alternate Math Placement, then please log into your ASAP student account and select a date/time to take the test at UTSA.

Please note that failure to follow the procedures listed above will disqualify you from taking the Remote Math Placement. If you are eligible to take the Pre-calculus/Calculus Placement Exam, then you may register for a date on ASAP and take it at the Main or Downtown UTSA campus. We offer proctored sessions in our office year round.

Study Suggestions

The included Sample Math Placement Exam will give students a good idea of how they will perform on the actual placement exam.  Students should use only a four-function calculator and limit their time to 90 minutes for an accurate assessment.  Sample answers

The Math Placement Topics List (see below) is a great start, but if you need further help, try the Jump Start: Calculus program offered during the summer.

  • The Math Placement exam must be attempted once prior to registering for Jump Start: Calculus.
  • The Jump Start: Calculus program has proven very successful; students attending the program have a much greater chance of passing the Math Placement exam on their second attempt.

List of Skills and Knowledge Assessed on the Math Placement Exam

  • Simplify polynomial, rational, radical, logarithmic, exponential, and trigonometric expressions
  • Multiply binomials with more than one variable
  • Multiply polynomial expressions and simplify using properties of integer exponents
  • Solve applied problems involving proportion and linear equations
  • Factor trinomials with 1 and non 1 leading coefficient
  • Simplify expressions containing rational exponents
  • Solve linear, quadratic, and absolute value inequalities
  • Find real or non-real solutions of quadratic equations
  • Find real solutions of rational and radical equations
  • Solve system of two linear equations in two variables
  • Evaluate functions and use function notation
  • Find slope of line given equation of line
  • Graph absolute value, quadratic, and trigonometric equations/functions
  • Solve equations for indicated variable
  • Solve problem given graph of quadratic function
  • Find equation of line given information about the line
  • Determine composition of two functions
  • Answer questions about roots of polynomial equations
  • Answer questions about x-intercepts of graph of equation
  • Find domain of function (including trigonometric functions)
  • Simplify difference quotients
  • Solve logarithmic and exponential equations
  • Evaluate trigonometric functions
  • Use trigonometric functions to solve problems involving right triangles
  • Use trigonometric identities to re-write trigonometric expressions
  • Evaluate expressions involving inverse trigonometric functions

Fees are subject to change without notice.