WeBWorK information intended as Precalculus/Calculus study resource


The UTSA WeBWorK program can be used to drill down to specific math skill set issues that students need to perfect prior to taking and passing the UTSA math placement exam.

Students wishing to practice for the math placement test through WeBWorK must be enrolled in the system initially as it runs as a course.  The enrollment is free.  In order to be enrolled into WeBWorK students need to request link access through ASAP.  In ASAP, under the Student Services tab, then choose Testing Services link and a Test Registration option will appear, then choose “Request WeBWorK link”.  The Testing Services Office will send a link to all students who request access within two business days.  Once a student receives the WeBWorK link, they will sign in using their UTSA ABC123 and passphrase.


Students who are seeking success on the actual math placement exam need to devote sufficient time to the work through the levels of questions in the program.  Take the practice exam without using a scientific or graphing calculator as you will not be allowed to use one on the actual math placement exam.

The actual math placement exam has fifty questions, it is a multiple choice exam and students are given two hours to answer the questions.  A four function calculator is allowed on the exam and provided with the exam.  Students who score at least 27 correct out of the first 38 questions with less than 8 correct out of the last 12 questions are placed into Precalculus or MAT 1093.  Students who score at least 27 correct out of the first 38 questions with 8 or more correct out of the last 12 questions are placed into Calculus or MAT 1214.

Students who do not meet the aforementioned criteria but were eligible to take the math placement are allowed to register for Algebra level courses such as MAT 1073 however their placement may indicate a lower course due to the test score achieved which should serve as a warning to the student that a refresher is needed prior to enrolling in the course.

WeBWorK may be used as a third math placement attempt if the following conditions are met:

  1. Examinee must have recently attended JumpStart (2016-2017).
  2. Examinee must have attempted the math placement twice.
  3. Examinee must have completed a minimum of three hours math exercise in WeBWorX.
  4. Examinee must take the proctored WeBWorK exam in Testing Services prior to the first day of class for the regular semester.
  5. Registration for a proctored WeBWorK exam is on ASAP under the Testing Services program menu.
  6. The WeBWorK exam is 35 questions, no multiple choice answers, the format is fill in the blank with your best answer.  Students are given two hours to complete the exam.

Suggested Math Study Aids/Camps

2017 Math Practice Exam (mentioned above)

Math JumpStart (see information at:  www.utsatesting.mystagingwebsite.com)

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