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Advanced Placement (AP)
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    UTSA accepts many Advanced Placement (AP) exams for college credit. Students who score high enough on CollegeBoard AP exams may be exempt from taking college-level courses that otherwise may be required of them. Students typically take high school AP courses and are then eligible to take the AP exam administered through the CollegeBoard.
    Advanced Placement (AP) Examinations are not administered on the UTSA campus. AP exams are offered once per year in May, usually at high schools that offer AP courses.

    When registering for the AP exams through CollegeBoard, students designate institutions to receive the exam results.

    The CollegeBoard code for UTSA is 6919.

    The CollegeBoard mails reports of AP exam results to institutions in early July.

    How Do I Receive AP Course Credit at UTSA?

    • Provide the CollegeBoard code for UTSA, 6919, to CollegeBoard when registering for the exam.
    • If you did not request results to be sent to UTSA with your registration, hard copies must be sent in a sealed, unopened, letterhead envelope from the originating institution.
    Note: AP Scores are subject to change without notice. Consult the latest UTSA Undergraduate Catalog for updated test credit information.

    Are your scores not eligible for AP credit? If so, then consider taking a CLEP exam; you may possess the knowledge to receive college credit simply by taking a CLEP exam.

    *****Updates effective as of: 2018-2020 Undergraduate Catalog*****
    AP tests taken prior to 2018 with their minimum score equivalences are not listed on the chart below; reference previous catalogs for any previous AP score charts.These scores are subject to change without notice. Consult the UTSA Testing Services website for updated test credit information.

    2022-2024 AP