Students may test to receive course credit for IS 1403, Business Information Systems Fluency, which focuses on familiarity with Microsoft Office. IS 1403 consists of four modules: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. 

You must receive at least a 70% overall average across the four modules to receive credit for this course. You will receive credit only; no grade will be assigned.
You may take the modules in any order. You must take all four modules within a four-month period beginning on the day of your first exam. If you do not receive credit or do not complete the test-out process by the end of the four months, you must wait six months to retest, or you may enroll in the course.

Fees & Testing

The fee for this test-out series is $25, which will be charged to your student account when you schedule your first testing appointment on ASAP.

Setting Up IS 1403

Please read all of the setup directions completely.

You must purchase an access code for SAM Assessment and Training to access the testing website and practice materials.

Purchase a SAM 365/2016 Assessment and Training v1.0, 1st Edition on the SAM 2016 webpage.

Do not buy used codes! If you purchase from a place other than the Cengage website, make sure you do not buy a used code. If the access code has already been registered, it will no longer be valid. (Search ISBN: 978-1-305-88519-6 to purchase). 

Use the access code to register online through the  SAM 2016 webpage. Create a user ID and password. Follow the on-screen instructions. You will need the following:

      1. Valid e-mail address
      2. Institution Key –T2059795
      3. 18-digit key code – located in your packet or online
        • Note: Flash Player is required; the system will not work on iOS devices (e.g., iPhone or iPad).

When you are ready to practice for the exams, go to the SAM 2016 webpage and log in with your user ID and password.  You may practice on your personal computer or laptop.

    • After you log in, you must “Join a Class” and “Join a Section.”
      1. Join the “Testing Center – IS 1403 Office 2016” section.
      2. Fill out the IS 1403 Disclaimer; initial each statement and fill in the bottom information.

You must submit the IS 1403 disclaimer in person or by scanning and emailing it to the Testing Services office at before being granted access to the SAM practice materials.

    • Once Testing Services receives the IS 1403 disclaimer, you will be added to the Testing Center course and allowed to access the practice materials and schedule your first test session.

Register online for ALL test sessions on ASAP. All the testing modules must be taken at Testing Services.