Certiport Certificate Testing

Micosoft Office Specialist Certificate

To take a Microsoft Office Specialist certification exam at our testing facility please set up an appointment through ASAP if you are a student or contact our office at (210) 458-4125 if you are a community member.

You must pay your $35 seat reservation on the UTSA Marketplace site prior to your test date.  Please note that this is a non-refundable fee.

You must have a valid Certiport username and password prior to taking your exam. If you do not have one please create an account with Certiport.

Please ensure that you have purchased a test voucher from Certiport prior to your exam.

The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) 2016 exams are 50 minutes in length or less depending on your skill knowledge:

  • Word – 35 Questions
  • Excel – 35 Questions
  • PowerPoint – 35 Questions
  • Word Expert – 26 Questions
  • Excel Expert – 26 Questions
  • Access – 31 Questions
  • Outlook – 35 Questions

If you are a current College of Business (COB) major at UTSA, select Microsoft EXCEL for IS 1413 course credit consideration.

UTSA Students who successfully complete the certification exam must forward a copy of the certificate received from Certiport to the Testing Services Office for verification prior to receiving course credit for IS 1413.

For additional information regarding MOS certificates visit the Certiport site.