We’re here to answer your questions! Call Testing Services at (210) 458-4125.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out my TSI Status?

Log into your ASAP student account and select the “Testing Services Office (test registration)” link.  Your TSI status of “TSI Complete” or “TSI Incomplete” will appear at the top of the next screen.

What is ALEKS Math Placement and ALEKS Chemistry?

For information about ALEKS Math Placement go to https://testing.utsa.edu/aleks-math-placement/

For information about ALEKS Chemistry go to https://testing.utsa.edu/aleks-chemistry/

How do I request test accommodations?

Log into your ASAP Student Account and select the “Testing Services Office (test registration)” link.

Select “Continue” through the next two screens until you can select “Register for Test Session.”

Select either “Math Placement” or “Chemistry Placement” from the list of exams. You will then see a list of dates and times from which to choose.

Does the Testing Services office offer health testing such as meningitis, TB, etc?

No. Please contact the Health Services office for further information. You can reach them at (210) 458-4142. Testing Services does NOT offer any medical testing.

How do I find the Testing Services offices at each campus?
If I’m coming to the Main Campus to visit Testing Services, where should I park?
What’s the best advice for incoming students?

Plan ahead to take 15 hours of coursework per semester. Take credit-by-exams (CBEs) to earn credit for core courses to allow you to “take” 12 hours but receive 15 hours of credit.

How can I ensure that my test scores arrive at UTSA?

Have your UTSA ID# ready and call UTSA’s Office of Admissions, (210) 458-4599, or the Office of the Registrar, (210) 458-7070, to confirm that UTSA has received your test scores.

The Testing Services office has access to documentation only after your scores have been received and processed by the Admissions or Registrar’s offices.

Is there anything I can do to expedite my test results being received by Admissions?

Do not wait to have your documentation sent! The earlier you send it, the more quickly it will be processed onto your record.

During peak seasons (summer months – June, July, and August), the processing time for documents sent can take between two and four weeks. Send your documents well in advance of your scheduled Orientation date to ensure that your records are up to date when you meet with your academic advisor to register for classes.

Need Special Accommodations?
You MUST submit acceptable paperwork regarding your disability accommodation needs to the Student Disability Services office at least three weeks prior to your desired test date.

Keep in mind that not all tests can be retaken. Be sure to secure your approval before registration.