Effective July 1, 2019, the CLEP exam fee will be $89. Test takers who purchase their registration tickets on or after that date will be charged the new fee. Registration tickets purchased prior to that date will still be valid until their stated expiration dates.

CLEP testing will continue to be free for eligible military service members, spouses, and civilian employees (see eligibility details).

CLEP exams are offered in a variety of subjects and can take the place of traditional course attendance to save you time and money while working towards your degree plan requirements.
CLEP tests may be retaken after 90 days.


UTSA is a test site for CLEP Subject and General Examinations. National CLEP examinations are offered weekly through the UTSA Testing Services offices.

Important scheduling note: It usually takes four weeks to receive essay score results.

UTSA grants credit to its students for 28 of the 33 CLEP exams.

The CLEP Subject and General Examinations accepted for credit by UTSA are listed in the table above.

To be eligible to receive UTSA credit for the CLEP exams, a student must have earned no college or university transcript credit in that subject area at the time he or she takes the examination.

Although it is not necessary to be a UTSA student to take a national CLEP test through the UTSA Testing Services office, no UTSA credit is awarded until the individual is registered for courses at UTSA. Individuals seeking credit from another college or university should check that institution’s credit by examination policies before registering for a national CLEP examination.

CLEP Online Registration

Upon a successful registration, you will receive an email confirmation. Print your confirmation receipt and bring it with you on your test date.

IMPORTANT: If you do not receive an email confirmation, please check your spam blocker.

Having trouble?

Please email with any online registration issues.

CLEP registration is completed online. Choose the campus location for which you wish to register. See the CLEP testing schedules for the Main Campus and the Downtown Campus:

Register for CLEP at MAIN Campus

Register for CLEP at DOWNTOWN Campus 
  1. First, pay the $89 CLEP fee online through the CollegeBoard Website. Please bring your confirmation ticket with you. NOTICE: effective July 1, 2019, the CLEP fee increased to $89.
  2. Next, visit the Testing Services website and pay the $35 administrative fee. Tests with a handwritten essay component (i.e., College Composition Modular and Analyzing and Interpreting Literature with Essay) cost $50 each (standard $35 fee plus a $15 essay fee). When registering on this site, please include the ticket number located on your CollegeBoard confirmation receipt. This is an eight-digit number (e.g., “10111111”) located in the top right corner of the receipt.
  3. You may pay the administrative fee by VISA, Mastercard, or Echeck.

You will be allowed one reschedule, but you must contact Testing Services no less than two weeks (ten business days) prior to the scheduled test date.

Members of the U.S. Military may be exempt from paying the $87 CollegeBoard fee. Please visit CollegeBoard’s Website for more information.

Who is Eligible for DANTES-Funded CLEP Exams?

  1. If you qualify for government funding of the $87 exam fee, enter “Yes” in the Active Duty Military question and enter “Military” in the Ticket ID# field when registering on the Testing Services website.
  2. If you are taking College Composition Modular or the Analyzing and Interpreting Literature with Essay, there is an additional $15 nonrefundable UTSA fee for grading the essay.

All fees are subject to change.

Alternate CLEP Testing Sites

If you do not wish to test at UTSA, the CollegeBoard website offers a list of sites, or you may write them to request a list: CLEP, P.O. Box 6600, Princeton, NJ 08541-6600.

Recommended Study Resources

  1. CLEP® Official Study Guide by College Board. This resource contains a description of each CLEP exam, a list of the knowledge and skills required as well as sample questions. This book may be found on the reserve desk at the John Peace Library. You may also check book stores such as Barnes & Nobles or the CollegeBoard website if you wish to purchase this book.
  2. Individual CLEP® Exam Guide for CollegeBoard. Individual exam study guides are available from the CollegeBoard website.
  3. Testing and Education Reference Center (TERC) Online. This free resource is provided to UTSA students by the John Peace Library. Log onto the UTSA Library website to gain access to two online practice tests and one printable practice test for various CLEP subjects. Look under the “Find Databases” section. For assistance with this service, call the John Peace Library at (210) 458-4573.