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Competency-Based Exams
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    Competency-Based Exams (CBEs) are offered in core subject areas, including Math, Political Science, and Freshman Composition. If you are a transfer student whose courses did not apply directly towards your UTSA degree plan, then a CBE can take the place of traditional course attendance to save you time and money.

    1. Students who take and successfully pass a Competency-Based Exam will receive credit in the course for which the exam was taken. The grade of “CR” will not be included in the UTSA grade point average, but the hours for the course will contribute to overall hours taken and count toward the minimum UTSA residence requirements.
    2. Students admitted provisionally and other special admit students must refer to their advising area prior to attempting any credit-by-exam process, as those hours may not qualify for hour completion in that program.
    3. Students may not retake the same Competency-Based Exam subject.

    Competency-Based Exams (CBE) Accepted for Course Credit at UTSA

    CourseTest NameScoring Scale
    CS 3343Computer SciencesCredit/No Credit
    CS 3723Computer SciencesCredit/No Credit
    CS 3853Computer SciencesCredit/No Credit
    MAT 1023Mathematics70%
    MAT 1073Mathematics70%
    POL 1133Texas Politics and Society10 out of 20 correct with a score of 5 achieved on AP American Government or a course letter grade of an “A” in POL 1013 or equivalent course.
    POL 1133Texas Politics and Society12 out of 20 correct with a score of 4 achieved on AP American Government exam or a course letter grade of “B” in POL 1013 or equivalent course.
    POL 1133Texas Politics and Society15 out of 20 correct with a score of 3 achieved on AP American Government exam or a course letter grade of “C” In POL 1013 or equivalent course.
    WRC 1013Competency Portfolio OptionCredit/ No Credit
    WRC 1023Competency Portfolio OptionCredit/No Credit
    WRC 1013 & WRC 1023Competency Portfolio OptionCredit/No Credit

    These requirements must be met prior to attempting the Competency Portfolio Option:

    1. The student must be a Junior or Senior who has written papers for their major/degree requirements.
    2. The student has not been able to register for Freshman Composition I or II.

    Contact the Writing Program for further details at (210) 458-5363.

    Texas Politics and Society Requirement

    Students must be eligible for AP credit for American Government or have college credit for POL 1013 (Introduction to American Politics) or equivalent course prior to
    attempting the Competency-Based Exam. Students who earned a score of 1 or 2 on the AP American Government exam are not eligible to take the Competency-Based Exam.

    Any examinee who normally receives special accommodations for testing must notify UTSA Testing Services prior to the exam so that staff can coordinate and confirm the arrangements with the UTSA Student Disability Services office.

    Competency-Based Exam Online Registration

    • Competency-Based Exams are available only to enrolled UTSA students.
    • The fee for Competency-Based Exams is $80 per subject. This fee must be paid online at the UTSA Marketplace site prior to taking the exam. Please bring a copy of your receipt to your testing session. All fees are subject to change.
    • Please also fill out and bring the Competency Based Exam Disclaimer to the campus you will be testing at on the scheduled date of your appointment.

    Register online by logging into ASAP.

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