In response to the continued developments of COVID-19 and to support the health and wellbeing of our university community, all in person Orientation programs in the month of April and May will be moved to an online delivery format. Students who are in-person April/May orientation will be automatically moved to an online orientation and credited the $25 deposit by Friday, March 20th. Please note if your family signed up for a family Orientation, we do not have an online option at this time. For questions please email We will continue to update this page regarding orientation as we continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Texas Success Initiative Exam is required in part or in total for some students who are not exempt in order to register for college-level courses.  The links below are listed in order of use if you need to take the TSI or find out more about the exam at UTSA.  If you need to take all or part of the TSI exam, you can take the exam at UTSA or take the exam at another College Board site closer to you and request that your scores be sent to UTSA in time for Orientation sessions and registration periods.  Please see our information on this site. 

Exam Location: 1604 Campus, Multiple Disciplinary Bldg 1.01.04
Each Monday – Friday in June, 8:15 am
Bring up-to-date Drivers license for ID
Up-to-date school ID accepted if recent High School graduate
We cannot test without ID
TAKE the PAA first on-line (required)
Acceptable ID is Not a picture on your phone

PAA – TSI Pre-Assessment Activity

Texas Success Initiative (TSI)

Remote TSI Assessment

TSI Exemptions

TSI Passing Scores

If you have already taken the TSI Assessment at another institution, you must grant the TSI Office permission to download your scores at :

If you have questions about the download of your scores once you have granted permission and given the matter 48 business hours, call the TSI office at (210) 458- 4498.